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PTI alters Its stance on Elahi’s vote of confidence

PTI alters its mind over the timing of Elahi's vote of confidence
PTI alters its mind over the timing of Elahi’s vote of confidence

LAHORE: Imran Khan, the former prime minister, has changed his mind and agreed to delay the vote of confidence in the Punjab Assembly, which will be conducted by Chief Minister Parvez Elahi, pending the outcome of the court case involving the governor’s order for a vote of confidence in the Punjab Assembly.

Contrary to his earlier assertions, Mr. Khan decided against holding a vote of confidence before to the Lahore High Court hearing scheduled for January 11th. This decision was made on Saturday.
On December 24, the PTI chairman dispatched a team to the chief minister’s house in an effort to persuade Mr. Elahi, but Moonis Elahi, the head of the PML-Q and a former federal minister, asked the PTI chairman to wait for the court decision.

Similar to Imran Khan, the Punjab chief minister said that the governor’s decision was against the law and the Constitution and that passing a vote of confidence would essentially confirm the directive.

The former premier took exception to the comment and said that, in the event that obstacles arose in the assembly’s dissolution, he would ask all of the MPAs from his party to resign.
The former prime minister addressed the political climate with the Punjab ministers during a consultative meeting at his Zaman Park mansion on Saturday, and it appears he came to the conclusion that his advisors were not providing him with “sane counsel” over the trust vote. It was decided that the trust vote would not be on the assembly’s agenda for its session on January 9.

According to sources, Mr. Khan was informed that January 11 was not a “decision day” but rather the start of the hearing on the case contesting the trust vote and CM Elahi’s dismissal from office.
According to sources, Mr. Khan was furious that he had to backtrack on his claims, but he also concurred with the provincial cabinet members that a mass resignation would not fix the problem. According to the sources, the majority of the Punjab cabinet believed that the PTI should remain in power and keep calling for new elections to create the conditions for political and economic stability in the nation.

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