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PTI agreed on same-day elections, govt tells SC

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has responded to the Supreme Court’s (SC) request for information about talks with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to reach an agreement on the country’s elections.

According to the statement made by Pakistan’s Attorney General on behalf of Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, negotiations with PTI for the elections have produced fruitful outcomes. In the negotiations, the coalition partners exhibited flexibility.

The issue of dissolving assemblies early was raised during the negotiations, but no agreement was reached. In its response to the SC, Ishaq Dar stated that the coalition government thought the dialogue was the best way to resolve political issues.

The coalition government is prepared to start the negotiations afresh in the interest of the whole nation, the federal government informed the SC.

Report submitted by PTI to SC

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) delivered a thorough report of its talks with the ruling coalition to the Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday.

A report detailing the three rounds of negotiations with the coalition government has been delivered to the SC Registrar’s Office.

Fawad earlier stated on his Twitter account that the party will also ask the supreme court to implement its judgment [April 4 verdict] regarding the Punjab Assembly elections in its report.
Government and PTI agree to one-day elections

Following the third round of negotiations, the ruling coalition and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) agreed to hold the nation’s general elections on the same day.

After the meeting, the government’s Finance Minister Ishaq Dar told the media that a decision had been made to hold elections nationwide on the same day with a caretaker government.

The finance minister highlighted that the proposed dates for the general elections had been submitted by both parties. He remarked, adding that there is still disagreement between the parties on one item on the agenda.

Ishaq Dar added that both parties had demonstrated flexibility in the negotiations and that the delegations would confer with their respective leaders.

Separately, Shah Mahmood Qureshi from PTI side confirmed the development in a press conference and claimed that they had “shown flexibility for the sake of national consensus”.

The senior vice chairman of PTI added that during talks with the government delegation, his side had reached an understanding on a few issues. We have decided to hold elections nationwide on the same day with a caretaker administration, he continued.

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