Prince Harry ‘soaked in sweat’ as Prince William made fun of his ‘anxiety’

Prince Harry 'soaked in sweat' as Prince William made fun of his 'anxiety'

Prince Harry once said that he was angry that his brother, Prince William, made fun of his mental health.

The Duke of Sussex says that he had a lot of worry in 2015, which made it very hard for him to speak in public.

In his book “Spare,” Harry wrote that “hours before a speech or public appearance I’d be drenched in sweat” and “unable to think, my mind buzzing with fear.”

Again, William made fun of his younger brother’s feelings in the same way.

William spoke up, “Harold!” Take a look! “You’re soaked!””

Harry wrote, “I couldn’t understand how he felt.” He of all people. He was there when I had my first panic attack. Along with Kate… And now he was making fun of me? I couldn’t understand how he could be so heartless.


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