Postmortem: How was Pakistan’s cricket disgraced off the field?

پاکستان کی کرکٹ کو میدان سے باہر کیسے رسوا گیا؟

The old adage, “success has many fathers but failure has none,” rings true in light of Pakistan cricket and its players’ current predicament in the ICC World Cup, where they have failed to go past the quarterfinals. It’s not the first time this has happened; in the previous six semi-finals of this huge tournament, they’ve only made it once, in India in 2011.

Therefore, it is not unexpected that the squad, its captain, Babar Azam, the selectors, the support entourage, and the rest are once again under the cosh and criticism for failing to meet the high standards set by their devoted fan base. Therefore, the dramatic shifts may be anticipated.


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