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Politicians oppose Imran Khan’s hated speech while criticizing state institutions

Politicians oppose Imran Khan’s hated speech while criticizing state institutions

Politicians oppose Imran Khan’s hated speech. Imran Khan gave his first address from the hospital following the attempted murder yesterday, highlighting the many issues with the government and calling for answers from the three individuals who plotted his murder behind closed doors. Following his speech, politicians begin to respond with statements denouncing his criticism of the institutions.

Asif Zardari denounces the “spreading of hate” toward government institutions

Asif Ali Zardari, co-chairman of the PPP, has sharply denounced the “spewing of venom” against government institutions and stated that an assault on the nation’s institutions will never be permitted.
He appeared to be alluding to PTI leader Imran Khan when he claimed, in a statement posted on PPP’s Twitter, “A man is jumping every line to sow disorder in this country. This man doesn’t give a damn about the institutions or the morality of the nation. He is only able to see power. Additionally, Zardari vowed to stop the “plot” against state institutions. “A nation’s institutions are essential to its survival, and we will never tolerate an attack on them under any circumstances.”

If Imran believes in democracy, he must sit down to negotiate: Iqbal Ahsan

Ahsan Iqbal, a PML-N leader, stated that if PTI leader Imran Khan believes in democracy and the supremacy of the law, he must sit down at the “negotiating table.”
Ahsan Iqbal, the head of the PML-N, addresses the media on Saturday in Narowal, according to Vice News. The minister claimed that “mob culture and violent approach” against the government will only harm Imran Khan at a press conference in Narowal. Additionally, he charged the PTI leader with fomenting animosity in the nation. What sort of freedom do you want? Iqbal asserted that an atomic power can never be a slave and that Imran was working to advance the interests of the nation’s adversaries.

Imran is playing a “dangerous game,” according to Marriyum

Imran Khan is “playing a deadly game,” according to information minister Marriyum Aurangzeb. She claimed during a news conference that Imran had dug himself a hole and had fallen into it. She advised the PTI leader to “do politics, not political hatred,” and to desist from “playing the religious card.”

Imran’s narrative begins on March 7 with Marriyum

There was no prior information of a cipher or US or international conspiracy, she claimed. “This story starts on March 7 when Gen. Bajwa was promised an unlimited extension by Imran Khan to fail the no-confidence motion and save his rule and seat. Why didn’t you inform the country, hold elections, or dissolve the assembly? According to them, the story began on March 7 when they learned about the cipher. She said, “Because you were begging army leaders to save your rule and you were ready to trade national interest for that.”

Public property attacks must not be ignored: Shujaat Chaudhry:

The Head of the PML-Q About the attempted assassination of Imran Khan, Shujaat Hussain has stated that what occurred yesterday “is regrettable and condemnable.” He also commented on the PTI’s objections. “What’s going on in the streets is hurting the nation from within. “Restriction of employees from taking control of the law-and-order situation is required for the greater good of national unity and strength of Pakistan.
“Attack on any piece of public property shouldn’t go unreported. We demand that the public maintain peace and refrain from intervening themselves. All provincial governments are required to maintain law and order, and all political leaders are required to gather and collaborate to prevent anything that might hurt the country and the nation.


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