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Police and the judiciary are among the top three most corrupt institutions: TIP’s NCPS 2022 reports

Police and the judiciary


According to Transparency International Pakistan (TIP), the judiciary, tendering and contracting, and education is the four sectors with the highest perceptions of corruption in the National Corruption Perception Survey (NCPS) 2022. Police were deemed to be the least corrupt sector.

The NCPS 2022, which was announced at 1:00 on Friday, also expressed disapproval of organizations that fight corruption, like NAB. The majority of Pakistanis believed that anti-corruption agencies were “ineffective” at reducing corruption at the national level, according to the research.

The NCPS 2022’s principal conclusions are as follows: Police continue to be the most corrupt institution, followed by tendering and contracting, judiciary, and education, which has risen to fourth place since the NCPS 2021. The three most corrupt sectors are broken down by province into the following:

In Sindh, the police were seen as the second most corrupt organization, while tendering and contracting were regarded as the third most corrupt. In Punjab, police remained the most corrupt sector, tendering and contracting was considered as the 2nd most corrupt, and the judiciary 3rd most corrupt.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), the court continued to be the most corrupt industry, followed by contracting and tendering and police.

Tendering and contracting continued to be the most corrupt industry in Balochistan, followed by the police and the courts.

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