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Police recover kidnapped children from Khanpur

KHANPUR: The two kidnapped children have been found by the Punjab police in Ahmedpur Sharkia, Khanpur.

According to information, the police detained all four individuals who had taken the kids as they were on route to school.

Also, the police found the car that was used to abduct two kids.

The CCTV footage from a Daytime kidnapping of two toddlers earlier has upset the Khanpur people.

Shayan, 11, and Subhan, 7, were taken hostage while traveling to school with the driver, according to police officials.

Dr. Hasan Mehmood, a former medical superintendent at THQ Hospital Khanpur, is the father of both stolen children.

Three unnamed individuals can be seen robbing the kids in the CCTV footage. At the places where cars enter and leave the city, the police strictly inspect each vehicle.

Also, the event has been reported to DPO Rahim Yar Khan, and the driver has been detained for further investigation.

According to the District Police Officer (DPO), Rahim Yar Khan, such an occurrence has never occurred in Khanpur before, but police are investigating and suspects will be detained.

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