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Police identify culprits involved in attack on Jinnah house

ISLAMABAD: The vast majority of those responsible for the demolition of the Jinnah House in Lahore and other military sculptures have been identified.

According to the data, the majority of the miscreants have been identified, including Danish Munir, Saud, Adnan Ashraf, Farooq Zaman, Ali Hasan, and Chaudhry Masood.

According to sources, the process of identifying the troublemakers is still underway; in the meantime, Mohammad Taimoor, Ali Iftikhar, Aamir Hamza, Waqas Parvez, Sajjad Saeed, Yousuf Gulzar, Muhammad Arslan, and Ali Raza have been recognized as troublemakers.

Miscreants who burned down Jinnah House and vandalized it are now facing legal prosecution. They also besieged, robbed, and vandalized the corps commander’s home and engaged in violent behavior.

An FIR has been filed under the Anti-Terrorism Act against these troublemakers, who were armed with weapons, sticks, stones, and petrol bombs, according to the FIR.

According to sources, more people who have caused property damage in other places are being detained under the law.

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