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Police bust gang involved in business of fake currency notes

LAHORE: Three suspects in Lahore were apprehended with more than 1.5 million counterfeit cash notes and narcotics.

Gulshan Ravi Police in Lahore detained two individuals involved in the counterfeit currency business and a drug dealer in distinct operations, according to information.

According to police, the two suspects, Osman and Maqsood, are notorious for creating counterfeit money notes that were sold in Lahore and other regions. The value of the recovered counterfeit notes exceeds Rs1.5 million.

Another operation resulted in the arrest of drug dealer Farman, culminating in the recovery of more than one kilogramme of drugs. The culprit was captured in the vicinity of the Working Women’s Hostel.

Two detainees arrested by the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) last month revealed shocking allegations about the fake cash trade in Karachi.

The suspects disclosed throughout the inquiry that a group is operating a fake currency business in Karachi. The captured males also revealed the identities of 21 gang members.

Imran and Shaheedullah, the arrested males, were recognized. They said that false cash notes are circulating across the city and that gang members are generating fake currencies from various countries such as US dollars, Saudi Riyals, British Pounds, and UAE Dirhams.

The accused further named the fake cash creator, Faizullah from Peshawar, and stated that the bogus currency was peddled in Karachi’s Malir, Sarjani, Korangi, North Nazimabad, and Lyari.

He also claimed that the buying and selling of counterfeit cash notes has taken place on social media channels.

The accused further revealed that some women were included in the group and that public transport was used to carry bogus cash notes. In Karachi, the culprit was discovered peddling phony notes worth Rs 100,000 for Rs 35,000.

Following the shocking disclosures, the police Special inquiry Unit escalated the inquiry.

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