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Police arrest KPO terrorist attack ‘Facilitator’

KARACHI: Police detained a suspected facilitator and seven additional suspects from various parts of the city on Saturday, according to sources, making progress in the investigation into the terrorist attack on the Karachi Police Office (KPO) on Friday.

A high-level committee, made up of representatives from the Criminal Investigation Agency and the Counter-Terrorism Bureau of the police departments, was established to investigate the incident, according to Sindh Police Chief Ghulam Nabi Memon (CTD).

Sources claim that on Saturday or Sunday night, CTD officers detained the alleged facilitator from the Gulistan-e-Jauhar neighborhood.

They stated that following raids in other slum areas, seven additional individuals had been detained.

Four persons lost their lives in a violent battle with security forces when terrorists carrying automatic weapons and suicide vests assaulted the KPO on Friday evening.

According to reports, 16 people were injured in addition to the two police officers and Ranger’s inspector who died in the attack. They also stated that the troops retook the building after killing the three terrorists who were responsible for the attack.

According to the sources, the arrests happened after the crime scene was geofenced.

They stated that information from the National Database and Registration Authority was being gathered regarding the suspects who had been detained (NADRA).

In contrast, nine other teams, including bomb disposal teams from the police and the military, finished the compound’s last search and confiscated additional items for evidence, according to the sources.

A hand grenade, fresh pistols packaged in plastic boxes with all of their accouterments, a box of 9mm rounds, a knife, a digital camera, a smartphone, two watches, and a men’s wallet were among the goods discovered during the search.

The sources also cited 210 fired and unfired bullets, grenade shrapnel, burnt suicide jacket fabric, a burnt-out bag, a USB, and a gun holder as additional items.

The Sadar Police has received the recovered items.

Two of the three terrorists who attacked the KPO have been identified, according to Inspector General of Sindh Police Ghulam Nabi Memon, but the identity of the suicide bomber is still unknown.

Memon declared, “We will identify the terrorist organizations and organizers responsible for this act.

The police chief continued, “A high-level commission has been established to examine the attack, and arrests are being made.”

Five people were killed in the assault, with one more passing away while receiving medical attention at a hospital.

Abdul Latif, the police officer who was killed, worked in Security Zone I. He was a Shikarpur native.

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