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PM Shehbaz guarantees Turkish investors with a simple legal process

ISTANBUL: According to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, his government would no longer put up with obstacles that prevent foreign businesses, including the Turkish brothers, from investing in Pakistan.

The prime urged Turkish businesses to invest in Pakistan while speaking to the Turkiye-Pakistan Business Council in Istanbul, adding that the limitless potential between the two comradely nations should be reflected in their bilateral commerce and business.

He assured them that his administration will address and resolve all of their legitimate concerns by saying, “I want to deliver this message to all via you that we are brothers and relatives and will not accept snags and blockages that impair our relationships.”

Shehbaz also guaranteed Turkish investors that his government will give them a hassle-free and red tape-free environment.

PM seeks strategic partnership with Turkiye

The PM also expressed remorse that Turkish enterprises that had invested in Pakistan had not been paid in full during the previous rule. The same was true for Turkish airlines operating in Pakistan.

Bilateral commerce volume of $5 billion

Shehbaz also stated that the two nations have signed an agreement to increase bilateral commerce volume by $5 billion over the next three years.

The level of bilateral commerce and business did not adequately represent historical linkages and brotherly bonds, he added, adding that although the people of the two nations spoke different languages, they understand one another and their hearts beat together.

The premier said that financial laws and regulations control trade, investment, and economic activity in any nation and that the two burgeoning economies have mostly resolved their issues in this area.

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