PM promises ‘proactive’ execution of the Journalist Safety Law to ensure media freedom

shahbaz sharif
shahbaz sharif


Media freedom and democracy, according to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, strengthen one another. He also reaffirmed his government’s commitment to fostering an atmosphere free from harassment and intimidation for journalists.

He declared his steadfast determination to proactively promote the implementation of the Journalists Safety Law, stating that his administration thinks no journalist or human rights activist should be called out while performing their jobs.

Speaking at a celebration for the 10th anniversary of the UN Plan of Action, hosted by the Journalist Safety Forum (JSF), the prime minister referred to free speech and the media as crucial cornerstones of a state.

Shehbaz claimed that civil society and journalists in Pakistan shared a strong commitment to press freedom.

He said that Hamid Mir, as the chairperson of the JSF, faced tough hurdles, including an attempt on his life, and claimed that journalists in the nation had significantly contributed to press freedom throughout the years.

He called the murder of well-known journalist Arshad Sharif a “very tragic episode” and said that shortly after the event, he spoke with the Kenyan government and then sent a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan requesting the formation of a judicial committee.

Despite the country’s troubled past and 33 years of military dictatorship, PM Shehbaz claimed that due to joint political efforts, democracy was reinstated and the nation was set back on the correct course.

He referred to the 1973 constitution as “a very holy text” that served as a unifying factor for the federation’s constituent parts and upheld democratic principles in addition to protecting individuals’ fundamental rights.


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