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PM concerned for safety of citizens in Sudan

ISLAMABAD: As hostilities between two competing generals in Sudan raged on despite demands for an Eid ceasefire, Pakistan increased its efforts to assist its citizens imprisoned in the restive African state.

PM Shehbaz Sharif said in a statement on Friday that the government was keeping a close eye on developments in Sudan and that measures to safeguard the safety of Pakistani people there were being closely monitored.

According to the statement, there are approximately 1,500 Pakistanis now in Sudan, and the Pakistani embassy is in contact with them and providing them with all available assistance.

The prime minister stated that Pakistan was having trouble evacuating its citizens owing to the danger involved in getting to the airport.

He stated that the government was in contact with the UN over the situation in Sudan.

Foreign Secretary Asad Majeed Khan also conducted an online meeting with Pakistani missions in Khartoum and adjacent countries on Friday to discuss the situation in Sudan.

“The government is working with partner countries to ensure the safety and security of Pakistanis in Sudan, including the option of evacuation,” a representative for the Foreign Office tweeted.

Mr Majeed also met with Sudanese Ambassador in Pakistan Salih Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Siddig to express Islamabad’s worry about the country’s deteriorating circumstances.

During the discussion, the foreign secretary expressed optimism that the Sudanese authorities would take all necessary precautions to safeguard the safety and security of Pakistanis in the country.

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