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PIA female manager faces accused of harassing flight attendants

KARACHI: A female manager of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has been accused of harassing a flight attendant on a flight from Karachi to Toronto.

An air hostess was harassed during a flight from Karachi to Toronto, and the PIA woman manager grooming was allegedly involved.

The flight attendant filed a complaint against the female officer in an email to the appropriate department, citing four serious allegations.

DGM Security formed a three-person investigation team to look into the harassment incident. The committee also included a female assistant manager in charge of SEC Jinnah International Airport.

On April 27, the investigation committee summoned the accused manager, Maimona Feroz grooming. Ms Feroz was accused of harassing a flight attendant, Ufaq Shah, by using inappropriate language and acting in an insulting manner on a foreign flight.

According to the affected air hostess’ email, the officer threatened to degrade her ACR and send her to the training center as punishment, in addition to criticizing her uniform and other matters in front of passengers and fellow flight attendants.

She went on to say that the female officer ignored the grooming violations of her real sister, who was also working as an air hostess on the same flight. It was discovered that another flight attendant had filed a similar complaint against the female officer.

The second affected flight attendant was also summoned by the investigation committee. Because of the female officer’s behavioral issues, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recommended that she not be appointed to any key positions for the next five years.

According to a PIA spokesperson, the relevant committee will present its report on March 29, and legal action will be taken against those responsible.

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