Peta criticizes producers of ‘Rings of Power’ after horse dies on set

Peta criticizes producers of 'Rings of Power' after horse dies on set
Peta criticizes producers of 'Rings of Power' after horse dies on set

Following the death of a horse on set while filming The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power for Amazon, the animal rights organization Peta has spoken out against the usage of live animals in movies.

The Guardian claims that the horse passed away due to a cardiac arrest.

A representative for Amazon Studios confirmed the death of a production horse on Sunday morning and expressed their “deep sorrow.”

The event happened before rehearsals in the morning while the horse was being ridden.

“Filming hadn’t started yet, and the trainer wasn’t dressed up. An American Humane Association official and a veterinarian were both present. Independent necropsy results have verified that the horse’s death was due to heart failure.

The horse’s heart died when it was surrounded by 20 other horses, sources told Deadline. There were apparently thirty additional horses there that day.

In a statement, Peta also demanded that CGI be used in place of live animals in film and television projects.

Because they have the choice to utilize CGI, mechanical rigs, and other humane techniques, “it seems that living underground with the orcs is run for the course for the creators of The Rings of Power,” said Lisa Lange, senior vice-president of Peta.

“Peta is urging the creators of the show, as well as all other producers, to embark on a fresh mission without utilizing any live horses.”

The Devil’s Horsemen supplied the horses for The Rings of Power’s second season. The company has been in operation for thirty years and has previously collaborated with Hollywood movies as well as television shows like Game of Thrones and The Crown.


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