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“Pathaan” earns INR 200 crore domestically in just four days

Pathaan, directed by Siddharth Anand, is a box office success, grossing more than INR 200 crore in India.

On January 28, the film grossed roughly INR 51-53 crore, bringing the total domestic collection to INR 217 crore.

Ramesh Bala, a trade analyst, disclosed the Day 4 figures. “#Pathaan Day 4 all-India,” he wrote. Early projections are 52 crores net… “200 crore net in four days.”

Box Office India, on the other hand, also provided updates regarding Day 4. “Pathaan is projected to earn over 52 crores nett in Hindi box office receipts as it surpasses another milestone of 50 crore nett, the third since its release, with only Friday falling short. With 212 crore nett already on the board, it too exceeded 200 crore nett in just four days. The increase on day four will be in the range of 40%, with significantly greater increases for the largest multiplexes in the major cities.

“The movie will gain more traction on Sunday as mass centers dramatically increase. If certain circuits repeat Thursday’s numbers on Sunday, it won’t be shocking. Even while it may be a lot to ask for, it will actually come as no surprise if all of India reaches the Thursday total because, so far, it has always surpassed expectations.

The worldwide gross for Pathaan has surpassed INR 400 crore.

John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, and Shah Rukh Khan appear in this film. According to IndiaToday, Yash Raj Films is the producer of Pathaan.

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