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Pakistan, UAE to strengthen strategic partnership

ABU DHABI: In a joint statement released after Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s visit on Friday, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced their commitment to intensifying consultation and coordination to strengthen their strategic bilateral partnership to foster meaningful bilateral cooperation in key areas.

The two leaders spoke about the bilateral ties during Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif‘s interactions with them as well as during his travel to the UAE on Thursday and Friday, which was at the president’s request. Shehbaz had been to the Emirates three times since becoming prime minister.

The two sides committed to improving their collaboration, notably in the area of information and communication technology, and collaborating to close the digital gap, according to the joint statement.

The two presidents conducted a “very friendly and warm” encounter in which they exchanged views on regional political and security issues as well as in-depth talks on specific steps to deepen their bilateral relationship, according to a joint statement.

They also addressed creating joint ventures and boosting cooperation in the human resource sector, as well as particular initiatives to improve cooperation in the political, defense, economic, commercial, and cultural spheres. Shehbaz also expressed gratitude to Al Nahyan for the UAE’s kind support during the recent floods in Pakistan.
In the pursuit of regional and global peace and security, Pakistan and the UAE reaffirmed their long-standing and fraternal relations. These ties are founded on a common religion, culture, and set of values. Both parties expressed delight at the agreement on a wide range of local and international concerns.

Both nations voiced sympathy with one another to protect their territorial integrity and long-standing brotherly connections. The two nations decided to deepen their strategic alliance to create real and significant bilateral collaboration in important sectors.

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