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Pakistan likely to experience shortage of health devices

The Healthcare Devices Association of Pakistan (HDAP) has warned of extreme scarcity of health devices across the country as a result of the federal government’s import prohibition.

The Healthcare Devices Association of Pakistan (HDAP) informed the finance, industry, and commerce ministries about the anticipated scarcity of medical equipment.

The group requested the federal government in its letter to immediately establish letters of credit (LCs) to facilitate the import of medical equipment, otherwise, hospitals across the country would face a grave situation.
The group also stated that if the government does not address the situation, the companies would be unable to supply new medical gadgets to hospitals.

It warned that operations and other medical facilities in hospitals would be questioned. Furthermore, any disruption in the delivery of medical equipment will pose major problems in the health sector.

According to the organization, 90% of medical gadgets for commercial and government institutions in Pakistan are imported.

Pakistan is adopting many efforts to maintain the rupee steady versus the dollar, and thousands of LCs from enterprises and importers are waiting for that aim.

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