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Pakistan, India to be part of Iran’s naval alliance for regional stability

According to Iranian media, Iran’s navy commander stated that his country, Saudi Arabia, and three other Gulf states intend to build a naval alliance that will encompass India and Pakistan.

“The countries of the region have today realized that only cooperation among themselves brings security to the area,” said Iran’s navy commander, Shahram Irani.

He didn’t go into detail about the nature of the alliance he stated would be created soon.

Iran has recently attempted to repair frayed relations with many Gulf Arab states.

Under a pact negotiated by China, Saudi Arabia, and Iran ended seven years of hostilities in March, emphasizing the importance of regional stability and economic cooperation.

According to Naval Commander Irani, the alliance will also include the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Pakistan, and India.

The rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran has thwarted Israel’s diplomatic efforts to isolate Iran.

The United Arab Emirates, which was the first Gulf Arab country to sign a normalization pact with Israel in 2020, reestablished formal relations with Iran last year.

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