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Babar Masih of Pakistan defeats his Indian opponent

Babar Masih of Pakistan defeats his Indian opponent


In the ongoing 2022 World Snooker Championship in Antalya, Turkey, Babar Masih Pakistan defeats his Indian opponent Brijesh Damani.

Babar advanced to the competition’s semi-finals by winning four frames to Damani’s one, with scores of 88-10, 71-45, 88-5, 60-37, and 74-58.

Babar was then defeated 5-3 by Lim Kok Leong. He fell behind in the first three frames, losing them 99-26, 109-10, and 69-24, but he staged a comeback in the fourth frame, winning it 70-9.

Leong took the fifth frame 68-42, but Babar didn’t give up and went on to win the following two by scores of 72-32 and 70-49 to maintain his position in the match.

But Babar’s participation in the competition was all but over after Leong’s 72-1 victory in the eighth session.

Mohammad Sajjad, Ahsan Ramzan, and Haris Tahir of Pakistan were also present.

Sajjad was defeated 4-2 by Polish player Antoni Kowalski in the round of 32 matches.

Ramzan was defeated 4-3 by his Finnish opponent Robin Hull in the round of 32.

In the final 48 matches, Babar personally defeated Haris by knockout.

In the under 21 Snooker Championship 2022: Iran’s Amir is defeated by Pakistan’s Ahsan to win the world snooker championship

Ahsan Ramzan, a young Pakistani cueist, won the IBSF Under 21 World Snooker Championship 2022 on Friday by defeating Amir Sarkosh of Iran 6-5.

The 11-frame world championship final saw a back-and-forth struggle between the two cueists, with Ahsan moving ahead and Amir tying it up. Amir promptly responded to tie the scores at 2-2 in the following two frames after Ahsan rapidly established a 2-0 lead in the first two frames.

The Iranian cueist then increased his advantage to 4-2 by winning the following two frames by scores of 68-28 and 66-27, respectively. The next two frames featured a back-and-forth battle between the two cueists, with Ahsan recovering by winning his third frame and Amir taking the lead with a victory in his fifth frame.

Ahsan absolutely dominated his Iranian opponent in the tenth frame, winning it 69-0. The former continued to gain momentum in the tenth period and eventually tied the match at 5-5.

Ahsan dominated and gained control of the lead in the final’s 11th and decisive frame, pushing his opponent to look for snooker in the waning moments. Ahsan won the match by defeating Amir 67-25 in the last frame when Amir decided to concede with just a maximum of 18 points remaining on the board.

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