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Overseas Pakistanis express solidarity with armed forces

Following the May 9 attacks on military installations, Pakistanis living abroad have shown their support for the armed services.

According to reports, overseas Pakistanis have shown their support for Pakistan’s armed services. They also criticized the May 9 incidents and the vandalism of martyrs’ monuments.

Rail rallies were staged in various European countries, including England, Turkey, Belgium, and Germany, as well as in South Africa, to show love and support for the armed services.

Speaking at rallies, foreign Pakistanis stated that the Pakistan Armed Forces are critical to the country’s survival and security.

Germany has condemned the latest attacks on the Pakistan Army. Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti, Central Secretary of Jamaat Ahle Sunnat, gave the message of Pakistan’s stability to community members in London.

Overseas Pakistanis in the Netherlands expressed their support for the Pakistan Army. Participants chanted slogans in support of the Pakistan Army. Attacks on Pakistani forces were strongly criticized in Russia, and chants in support of our army were yelled at.

Participants requested that individuals who injured or collaborated against the Pakistan Army face harsh punishment.

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