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Opposition rejects Punjab Assembly’s voting procedure

Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah stated that the PML-N rejected the vote of confidence proceedings on Wednesday night as it was “illegal” and violation of the constitutional provisions.

After the opposition’s boycott, the interior minister addressed the media outside the PA building and stated that PTI attorneys have argued in court that the governor’s order is unconstitutional. So how did they handle the Article 130(7) confidence vote today? he questioned.

“The vote of confidence would not be taken today, according to PA Speaker Sibtain Khan. At midnight, the schedule was altered, and an untruthful vote of confidence was called.”
According to the Punjab Governor Baligh-Ur-decision, Rehman’s which required CM Elahi to take the trust vote, the vote of confidence proceedings do not meet the conditions, he pointed out. The interior minister questioned the propriety and validity of the PA’s actions, asking how they could begin the confidence vote while the governor’s decision was suspended and under appeal.
He claimed that despite their efforts, which have lasted for the past ten to twelve hours, the PTI and PML-Q still lack a sufficient number of supporters for the confidence vote. He emphasized that this is the reason they did not meet the election standards.

According to the minister, the PML-N would present the court with the PTI members’ travel records as evidence that their votes were also cast even though they were not present.
Speaking at the event, PML-N leader Atta Tarar asserted that his party will show the court that the PTI lacked the necessary number of supporters to win the trust vote.

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