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OpenAI releases official chatGPT API

OpenAI releases official chatGPT API
OpenAI has announced that third-party developers will now be able to integrate ChatGPT into their apps via API.

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, claims that the API can be used for much more than just creating an AI-powered chat interface.

The AI behemoth is selling 1,000 tokens for $0.002, which is “10x cheaper than our existing GPT-3.5 models,” according to OpenAI.

It is also providing developers with a dedicated instance of ChatGPT if they are processing a large amount of data, which will give them more control over the model and response time with the bot.

In addition to the ChatGPT API for developers, OpenAI has announced a new API for Whisper, its speech-to-text model that can transcribe or translate audio at a lower cost.

The Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (ChatGPT), a giant in artificial intelligence (AI), is now integrated into web browsers.

Opera has entered the world of artificial intelligence (AI) and was one of the first browsers to integrate ChatGPT.

They had previously stated that they intended to update the AI feature in future releases. The ChatGPT feature will be added to the browser’s sidebar.

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