One million Pakistanis to get work visas

One million Pakistanis to get work visas
One million Pakistanis to get work visas
Sajid Hussain Turi, Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, has stated that the government will send one million Pakistanis abroad for job opportunities this year.

Turi made the announcement on Sunday in an exclusive interview with a private television channel. “Saudi authorities will be visiting Pakistan soon to issue work permit visas,” he said, adding that “new agreements are being signed with 50 other countries, including Germany, Greece, and Romania.” Pakistanis who pass the technical training test, according to Minister Turi, will be eligible for Saudi visas.

According to the minister, Japan has recently begun issuing visas to skilled Pakistani workers, while South Korea requires 10,000 skilled Pakistani workers and plans to hire them soon.

Furthermore, Pakistanis can now obtain work visas for Germany and Romania, and negotiations are underway to provide professional and labor visas for Portugal and Greece.


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