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On the invitation of the N leader, Asad Qaisar visits Bahawalpur

Asad Qaisar
Asad Qaisar


Former National Assembly speaker and PTI politician Asad Qaisar paid a visit to Bahawalpur on Sunday night. They shared supper at Khalid Jajja’s farmhouse in Yazman.

Saood Majid Chaudhry, a former senator for the PML-N who is said to be close to the Sharif family, was also present at the meal Khalid Jajja threw for Asad Quasar. Calls made by this correspondent to Chaudhry and Jajja were not returned.

The ex-senator was present at the meal, according to a Saood Majid Chaudhry aide, who emphasized that no political issues were mentioned.

It was only a casual gathering of friends, in his opinion. Saood Chaudhry “cannot leave the PML-N because of his deep and long-standing attachment to it.”

It is discovered that Jajja had invited some prominent Charsadda (KP) citizens to his hometown in the Yazman tehsil, where Asad Qaisar joined them. Rumors stated that they went on a combined expedition into the huge Cholistan desert and spent the whole Sunday at the ChawkiBanwala rest house.

Those who follow local politics believe that Asad Qaisar’s visit may have an impact on Yazman’s future political orientation.

They claim that Tariq Bashir Cheema, a confidant of PML-Q leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Saood Chaudhry’s fiercest competitor in Yazman politics, is now not only a member of the federal cabinet but also close to Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif.

Local political circles claim that Cheema intends to run his son Walidad from Yazman in the upcoming elections. Saood Majid Chaudhry and Khalid Jajja, two of Cheema’s adversaries who have also set up their mass contact campaign in the region, are concerned about this potential future situation.

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