Okara accident claims seven lives

Okara accident claims seven lives
Okara accident claims seven lives
OKARA: In a terrible traffic accident in Punjab’s Okara, at least seven persons perished.

Details indicate that a car and a passenger coach were involved in the terrible disaster, which happened in Okara close to Akhtarabad. Seven individuals died as a result of the speeding passenger’s collision with a vehicle.

The adjacent hospital received the bodies. According to the early reports, it was not possible to determine the deceased’s identity.

Separately, a caravan collided with cottages by the side of the road at Dunyapur, a city in the Lodhran District of Punjab province, killing at least seven people.

Details indicate that the caravan veered off the road due to over speeding and smashed into roadside huts in the Kahror neighborhood of Dunyapur, instantly killing seven people and wounding four more.

When police and rescue crews arrived, they moved the injured and deceased to the Tehsil Headquarters (THQ) Hospital. Four children and two women were among the deceased, according to rescuers.


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