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Now Shehbaz’s turn to be disqualified after AJK PM: Elahi

In response to the disqualification of AJK Premier Sardar Tanveer Ilyas for contempt of court, former Punjab Chief Minister and PTI President Chaudhry Parvez Elahi stated that it is now Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s turn to be disqualified on the same grounds.

Separately, Sibtain Khan, the speaker of the Punjab Assembly, asserted that the caretaker administration in the province is acting outside of its authority because it has ordered the transfer and posting of officers and resorted to victimizing PTI employees.

Speaking with former provincial ministers who visited him on Wednesday were Chaudhry Zaheeruddin, Sardar Waqas Moakal, Chaudhry Shabbir Gujjar, Chaudhry Naveed Gondal, Chaudhry Mukhtar Gondal, and Asif Irfan.

According to PTI president, despite a court order, the federal government did not give finances for the polls to be held, according to a report the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) filed to the Supreme Court.

The speaker of the Punjab Assembly contests the validity of the caretaker government’s decisions.

“This report is documentary evidence of the crime committed by the government; no further proof is needed after that report,” he insisted.

According to Mr. Elahi, the interim Punjab government had also been named in the ECP report, and temporary Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi would also face jail time for failing to provide the necessary election security.

“The criminals who disrespect the court don’t deserve any forgiveness. The judiciary will never permit these inept leaders to drive society toward anarchy, he continued.

Mr. Elahi claimed that Ishaq Dar had been dispatched to Pakistan by PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif with an “anti-national agenda” and to push the nation into default. He claimed that there was no chance of economic recovery under these “incompetent” leaders, not even in the far future.

He claimed that patients were dying for medicines while the poor were dying for a sack of bread, adding that pharmaceutical businesses were closing because they were tired of Ishaq Dar’s economic policies and that life-saving treatments were quickly going extinct.

He claimed that even international organizations were frequently voicing their concern about Pakistan’s lack of access to life-saving medications.

Speaker’s letter to CM

Speaker Sibtain Khan claimed in a letter to interim CM Naqvi on Wednesday that recent events showed the government is biased against PTI because “threats are being hurled at a political party in the name of establishing writ of the state, [and] raids [are] being conducted to arrest PTI workers.”

The three-page letter stated that “your government is acting beyond the remit of the powers laid down under section 230 of the Election Act 2017” due to the extraordinary number of police transfers and postings around the province.

“It is also unprecedented how the federal government, led by PTI’s political adversaries, and the caretaker government have worked together to persecute PTI’s political employees and register criminal cases against them.”

According to the letter, cabinet officials’ press conferences and public remarks reveal the guardians’ political inclinations toward PTI competitors.

According to the claim, “the ease with which the caretaker government is taking policy decisions…,” lends credence to the idea that it has no intention of holding the general elections for the Punjab Assembly in accordance with the rulings made by the Supreme Court.

According to the letter, the number of inquiries and complaints filed with the anti-corruption organization against PTI leadership also demonstrates the political slant of the guardians.

The speaker urged the chief minister to stop persecuting PTI leaders and workers right now and to take action to “restore public faith” in his administration.

Speaker Khan also reminded Mr. Naqvi that his government’s constitutional term runs for 90 days following the dissolution of the parliament and that failing to hold elections during that time would be an affront to the fundamental principles of the law.

Later, during a media discussion, the speaker suggested that Nawaz Sharif return home and face legal proceedings while his brother is serving as prime minister. During Shehbaz Sharif’s rule, he claimed, Nawaz Sharif shouldn’t have any reason to be afraid

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