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Nothing is more sacred to us than safety of people: COAS Asim Munir

KAKUL: On Saturday, Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Asim Munir reaffirmed the military’s dedication to ensuring the security of the nation, adding that nothing is more sacred than the protection of the populace.

He was speaking at today’s Pakistan Military Academy (PMA) passing out parade in Kakul.

In his first speech as COAS at the PMA, General Asim Munir emphasized the importance of the Pakistani people to the country’s unity as well as the importance of allegiance to Pakistan and devotion to the constitutionally mandated function of the Pakistani armed forces.

No obligation is more binding than the defense of our nation, and nothing is dearer to us than the safety and security of our people. He commanded the cadets to leave immediately and live up to their country’s aspirations.

The vision of our great Quaid, which signifies a lack of caste, color, creed, gender, or geographic differentiation, is ingrained in the army.

The COAS stated that it is important to never misinterpret Pakistan’s efforts to promote peace.

He claimed that Pakistan’s valiant soldiers are not mesmerized by their enemies’ size and wealth.

In keeping with their great resolve and commitment to upholding the promises of Almighty Allah as loyal followers, the Pakistani armed forces continue to remain firm.


“There is absolutely no space for spoilers of our hard-earned peace,” COAS Asim Munir declared as he vowed to eradicate terrorism from the nation.

He reaffirmed that the military forces would make any necessary sacrifice in order to stabilize, secure, and protect future generations.

Democratic crises

General Asim Munir spoke about the nation’s ongoing challenges and claimed that the enemies are making serious attempts to undermine societal cohesion and state cohesion.

The exposed and covert enemies must be found immediately. There must be a distinction between reality and deception in this regard.

We will see to it that the tie between Pakistan’s armed forces and the people is protected and strengthened, General Asim said, adding that the nation’s enemies are determined to drive a wedge between the two.


The COAS emphasized the significance of peace along Pakistan’s western frontiers by stating that Afghanistan’s stability, security, and peace are essential to Pakistan’s security.

Kashmir problem

He assured the Kashmiri brothers of the nation’s unwavering support and stated that Pakistan firmly supports its Kashmiri siblings in their long-standing battle for fundamental human rights and their legal pursuit of the right to self-determination.

“We will continue to offer our Kashmiri brothers political, moral, and diplomatic support.”

He urged the international community to recognize that regional peace will always be elusive in the absence of a fair and peaceful resolution to the Kashmir conflict.

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