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Noor Jehan successfully operated but road to recovery is long

On Wednesday, a Four Paws team successfully operated on the elephant Noor Jehan at the Karachi Zoo. They also performed blood tests, X-rays, and ultrasounds on her, concluding that she had a haematoma.

According to a press release issued by the organization, they used ropes and a crane to get Noor Jehan in the right position, then sedated her to perform the planned assessment.

The elephant, however, was unable to stand on her own after being sedated, even with the assistance of the crane. The veterinarians then administered the prepared antidotes to reverse the sedation.

They were able to continue the examination, beginning with the thermal infrared camera, which revealed no broken bones, but the ultrasound revealed the cause of her severe condition.

“With a damaged pelvic diaphragm, we were able to detect an inner haematoma.” These findings clearly demonstrated that trauma must have occurred, causing her painful health condition and also explaining her unusual body position. The haematoma compresses the urethra and disrupts urination, affecting kidney function,” according to the statement.

Furthermore, due to the long-term immobilization, there is a lot of gas in the intestines, and due to the unusual posture of her body, the ligaments of her hind legs have shortened and the muscles have atrophied.

Four Paws believes that she requires a lot of movement to reactivate and retrain the muscles, which will also improve her gastrointestinal mobility. To reduce the gas, a special diet is required. Laboratory and histology tests were performed, open wounds were treated, medications, vitamins, and painkillers were administered, and hydrotherapy was performed.

They will then prepare special recommendations, such as medical treatment and enrichment in the enclosure, to aid in pain relief and recovery. During the elephant operation, Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori and Karachi Administrator Dr Syed Saifur Rahman were also present. Tessori stated that a veterinary hospital and modern laboratory would be built at the zoo to provide animals with timely medical care.

He praised the team for their diligence and hard work. Upon discovering the absence of the senior director of the zoo, he directed the city administrator to take action against him.

The governor stated that a team of international experts is present at the zoo, so the senior director’s irresponsible behavior is extremely regrettable. He also claimed that millions of tonnes of waste are dumped in the sea, endangering marine life. He promised to take the necessary steps to save marine life. He stated that the sea could become a significant source of revenue for Karachi.

Tessori stated that the necessary steps would be taken to improve the Karachi Zoo. He insisted on spending money out of his own pocket if necessary. The administrator also expressed gratitude to Four Paws for traveling to Karachi to treat the elephant. Dr. Amir Khalil and Dr. Maria from the organization also spoke to the media on the occasion.

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