‘No one shall be picked up other than in accordance with law’, SC tells govt

'No one shall be picked up other than in accordance with law', SC tells govt

On Saturday, the Supreme Court told the federal government that they had to show a written promise, signed by the top officials of the relevant ministries, that from now on, no one would be picked up in a way that isn’t legal.

Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa led a three-person bench of the highest court that made the order. The other two judges were Justice Musarrat Hilali and Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar. They made the decision while hearing a set of cases about missing people.

The Supreme Court bench also told the Commission of Inquiry on Enforced Disappearances to give the top court information about the people who have gone missing.

“In order to move forward in a meaningful way and to solve this problem, it would be right to get facts from the Commission.” So, the Commission is told to put together and send in: (a) the names, parentage, and addresses of the people who went missing; (b) the name and relationship of the person who reported the missing person; (c) the date they went missing; (d) the names of the people who were in charge of the Federation and the relevant province at the time; (e) whether the missing person was found; and (f) if not found, what steps were taken to find out where they were. Also, (g) all the people for whom production orders were given but not followed through, and (h) what the Commission did next when its production orders weren’t followed, the order said.

Additionally, it said that the commission’s budget, staff, and resources should be made public because Article 19A of the Constitution says that the people have the basic right to information.


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