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Nepra increases power tariff for K-electric consumers

ISLAMABAD: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) approved an increase in the power price for K-Electric customers on monthly fuel adjustment costs of Rs3.70 per unit on Wednesday.

Fuel charge adjustment (FCA) for March was the reason for the approval of the increase in the power price for K-Electric customers, according to the notification released by the power regulator authority.

According to the notification, the rise in electricity rates would not be applicable to lifeline customers and will only take effect on KE customers’ May bills.

The hike in power prices will add Rs5.4 billion to the burden already placed on the poor, who are already trying to make ends meet in the face of growing inflation and a sluggish economy.

The increase in the price of producing and distributing electricity has been blamed for the increase in power rates. Power outages and load shedding have been occurring often across the nation, which has been extremely inconvenient for both residents and companies.

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority allowed an increase in the price of power by Rs0.34 per unit due to a monthly fuel adjustment in a separate decision today.

The regulatory agency states that the new tariff will take effect right away.

All consumer categories would be affected by the increase in electricity prices, with the exception of lifeline customers and KE users.

The power regulator stated that the cost will be added to May’s bills.

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