NDMA predicts more devastating flood this year

NDMA predicts more devastating flood this year
NDMA predicts more devastating flood this year
ISLAMABAD: According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Pakistan faces a 72% chance of devastating floods this year.

Lieutenant General Inam Haider, Chairman of the NDMA, told the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that rapid temperature rises, glacier melting, and early monsoon rains can all lead to floods.

He stated that the NDMA and the Ministry of Climate Change are monitoring 17 satellites and that 36 flood early warning systems will be installed.

The NDMA Chairman informed the committee that if similar catastrophic floods occurred this year, the country would face a severe economic crisis.

Previously, the National Flood Response Coordination Committee (NFRCC) reported that the devastating floods in Pakistan destroyed over 1,76,153 acres of crops, damaged 4,66,366 homes, and killed over 2,16,974 cattle.

Over 3,90,201 homes have been damaged in Balochistan, and 124 people have died as a result of the flooding. Floods claimed the lives of 23 people in Gilgit Baltistan and damaged 8,479 homes.

Sindh suffered crop losses of 10,721 acres, 3,603 cattle, and 26 lives. Floods in KP affected over 33,301 homes, killed 85 people, and destroyed at least 10,048 acres of crops. In Punjab, 2,328 homes were completely destroyed, while 373 were partially damaged by floods.


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