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Musk will step down as Twitter CEO once a replacement found

Twitter CEO

Elon Musk said that he will leave his position as Twitter’s CEO once he found a successor, ostensibly in reaction to the results of a survey he had conducted that showed users wanted him to go.

Since October 27, Musk has completely taken control of Twitter. As CEO, he has frequently courted controversy by firing half of the company’s employees, re-admitting far-right leaders to the site, suspending journalists, and attempting to charge for previously free services.

“As soon as I find someone stupid enough to take the position, I’ll step down as CEO!” Musk stated that he would then solely be in charge of Twitter’s software and server teams.

Just weeks after buying the firm for $44 billion, 57% of respondents—or 10 million votes—favored Musk stepping down, according to the survey findings released on Monday.

Musk has used Twitter polls to make other choices on the social media network, including reactivating Donald Trump‘s account and the accounts of other suspended users. He mocked a rumor that he was looking for someone to take over as CEO of Twitter earlier this week by mocking it with a laughing emoji and tweeting that “no one wants the job who can genuinely keep Twitter alive.”

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives said on Tuesday that it was “finally a solid move in the right way to resolve this agonizing nightmare situation for Tesla investors.” After publishing his most recent survey, Musk engaged in conversations with users, reiterating his earlier cautions that the platform could be in financial trouble.

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