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Murder suspect of three sisters makes surprising revelations

MUZAFFARGARH: On Saturday, the youngster who murdered his three minor sisters in Muzaffargarh made surprising revelations regarding the crimes.

 Basit, the suspect, stated that he intended to murder the entire family.

He claimed that after seeing his mother’s face, he changed his mind about killing her. The suspect declined to respond to the question about killing his sisters.

Three sisters were brutally murdered on Monday in the Muzaffargarh district’s Thermal Colony region.

Police had held three of the girls’ brothers on suspicion and found one of them, Basit, suspicious during interrogation. Basit afterward confessed and led the police to the murder weapon.

He allegedly informed police that his family preferred to favor his sisters over him. In his remark, he also stated that he enjoyed playing PUBG, where he learned the method of murdering.

According to police, the accused appears to have an inferiority problem. Police also seized a murder weapon from the accused, they said.

The suspect told authorities that his father had left for work at the time of the event, and his mother was also not at home. Before killing all three sisters, the suspect sent his other brother, who was at home, to obtain flour from the flourmill.

Fatima (7), Zahra Ijaz (8), and Areesha (11) were the minor victims.

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