Moving GE appliances is Einride’s drone truck’s first full-time task

Einride’s drone truck has its first full-time job moving GE appliances around

The cab-less electric delivery cars of Swedish autonomous trucking business Einride are being used in Selmer, Tennessee, to transport goods from GE Appliances’ production plant to a warehouse. According to the press release, this business can operate up to seven shuttles every day, Monday through Thursday. A PR spokesman for Einride, Matthew Klein, stated in an email to The Verge that each trip’s length is 0.3 miles (or 0.48 km), all of which are on GE-owned private roads.

In 2021, Einride conducted controlled operations for the first time at GE’s Appliance Park headquarters. Subsequently, in 2022, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approved the company’s public road test, which marked the “first public road pilot in the US for a purpose built autonomous, electric truck without a driver on board.


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