Moonis’ wife a suspect in a money-laundering case: FIA

Moonis' wife in money-laundering case: FIA
Moonis' wife in money-laundering case: FIA
The wife of a former federal minister, Moonis Elahi, was named a suspect in a suspected money laundering case, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) informed Lahore High Court on Friday.

Director of FIA Lahore Sarfraz Virk presented a report to the court that revealed

Tehreem Elahi, the former minister’s wife, was charged with allegedly laundering Rs30.34 million. Additionally, the director gave the court a copy of the case FIR.

Ms. Elahi was presenting a petition to Justice Shehram Sarwar Chaudhry to contest the inclusion of her name on the no-fly list.
FIA officer responded that FIR was filed against Moonis Elahi when questioned about a case the high court had dismissed in October.

The former minister had departed the nation last month, the officer responded when the court inquired, “Where is Moonis now?”

FIR against the petitioner, according to Justice Chaudhry, seems to have been filed in retaliation for the case against her husband being dismissed.

The judge instructed the FIA to deliver a report and a copy of the FIR to the petitioner’s attorney so that he may submit his answer on February 3.

Tehreem Elahi, the petitioner, claimed via her solicitor that she was leaving for abroad on January 10 but that the immigration officers at the airport in Lahore prevented her from boarding her scheduled aircraft. She claimed that when she tried to leave the country, the authorities told her that her name was on the no-fly list.

After her husband and father-in-law decided to support Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, the petitioner claimed that the interior ministry had targeted her for political reasons.

She requested that the court invalidate the ministry’s contested action and grant her permission to travel overseas.


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