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Modi’s extremist policies exposed in New York Times

ISLAMABAD: After British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the New York Times has also uncovered Narendra Modi’s aim to make India a ‘Hindu extremist nation’.

According to the details, the worldwide media has raised concerns about the rise of extremism in India. The Modi government was harshly slammed in a New York Times column.

According to the column, religious fanaticism and anti-minority sentiments have risen drastically in India since the BJP came to power.

“Under Modi’s rule, violence against Muslims in India has grown and is largely unpunished. His government has passed anti-Muslim legislation and policies, such as revisions to citizenship criteria that disfavor Muslims and the removal of Kashmir’s special status.”

Lydia Polgreen claims that Modi is a devout member of the Hindu extremist organization RSS.

Hindu fundamentalists have always wanted India to lose its secular constitutional character and become a Hindu kingdom. “It appears possible that a further strengthened Modi, buoyed by a third-term victory and the wind of history at his back, will seek to make substantial changes to the structure of the Constitution and declare India a Hindu nation,” writes Polgreen.

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