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Misuse of state helicopter costs KP government Rs90 million: NAB



The National Accountability Bureau (NAB), after concluding its investigation into the unauthorized use of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government’s helicopters, has found that those who hired the helicopter for private use owe Rs90 million to the provincial government, sources said on Monday.

They stated that NAB had written to the KP government to request reimbursement for all of the costs associated with the unlawful helicopter excursions conducted by “important politicians, public officeholders,” among others. Since 2008, at least 2,000 individuals have taken flights in state helicopters.

Imran Khan, the chairman of the PTI, as well as other previous and present provincial and federal officials, utilized the helicopters. According to the sources, current and former members of the provincial and national parliament, as well as representatives of political parties, also flew in helicopters, together with chief secretaries, secretaries, and other government workers.

The KP administration said last month that a draught to change provincial rules governing the usage of its helicopters and other items had been created. After the change, nobody will be allowed to challenge the usage of the helicopter, including who uses it and why.

The usage of the government’s helicopter from November 2008 to the present will be seen as legitimate and lawful, according to the amendment draught. The usage of the helicopter, which was permitted to be hired out, could not be questioned. However, the chief minister of the province would need to be contacted for approval for personal usage.

According to the proposal, in addition to the chief minister, ministers, advisers, special assistants, and government employees may also utilize the government’s helicopter. According to the sources, the provincial assembly’s upcoming meeting would include a vote on the amended bill.

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