Microsoft executive Dee Templeton joins OpenAI board

Microsoft executive Dee Templeton joins OpenAI board

As part of a larger effort to change the way boards work, Microsoft (MSFT.O) executive Dee Templeton has joined OpenAI’s board as a witness who does not have the power to vote.

In November, the company that made ChatGPT got a lot of attention when CEO Sam Altman was temporarily fired by the OpenAI board. He was later reinstated after more than 700 workers said they would quit in support of Microsoft.

When Altman got back to work, he said that Microsoft would become a member on OpenAI’s board and not have a vote.

With this role, Microsoft can send a representative to OpenAI’s board meetings and see private information. However, Microsoft does not have the right to vote on things like picking directors or electing them.

Templeton has worked for the tech giant for 25 years and is now vice president for technology and research partnerships and operations, as shown on her LinkedIn page.

It was also said in the story that she has already started going to OpenAI board meetings.

Reuters asked OpenAI and Microsoft for comments, but they didn’t reply.

OpenAI agreed to re-establish some of the board members who had fired Altman. They named Bret Taylor, who used to be co-CEO of Salesforce (CRM.N), Larry Summers, who used to be U.S. Treasury Secretary, and Adam D’Angelo, who is the CEO of Quora and a director at OpenAI.


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