Microsoft acknowledges Bing cannot hold long chat sessions

Microsoft Bing long chat session
Microsoft Bing long chat session
There were further reports about the inefficiency of the AI-powered Bing search engine after the news of offending users.

Microsoft acknowledged that “extremely extended chat sessions can mislead the model on what questions it is responding to” in a statement that was made public.

In order to address this, the tech giant is thinking about including a feature that would make it simpler to update the context or give users the option to start completely new conversations.

There were some remarks made about the model’s tone as well. Microsoft defended this by saying, “The model occasionally tries to reply or reflect in the tone in which it is being asked to offer answers, which can lead to a style we didn’t design.”

According to Microsoft, the AI-powered Bing is always being improved. In order to receive the best feedback, the company tests the model in 169 nations.


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