Meghan Markle’s values ‘simply haven’t’ delivered

Meghan Markle's values ‘simply haven't' delivered

People are criticising Meghan Markle’s plans and ideals from Hollywood.

All of this was found by Mark Borkowski, a PR expert.

In a new piece for the Guardian, he talked about everything.

Mr. Borkowski talked at length about Meghan’s plans for Hollywood in the piece.

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Borkowski said, “Look, if you’re going to red carpets and premieres, that means you’re putting yourself out there for people who might cast you, book you, or use you.” He was referring to that and her recent public appearances.

Adding, “That’s what Meghan’s been about,”

He also said that the couple seems to be looking for people who will back the kinds of projects they want to be a part of. But all of this high-minded talk about their ideals hasn’t helped them, which is the problem.


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