Meghan Markle wants a royal ‘family re-group’ like Prince Harry in 2024

Meghan Markle wants a royal ‘family re-group' like Prince Harry in 2024

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is said to have changed her mind about getting back in touch with her family, just like her husband, Prince Harry.

Astrologer Debbie Frank told Hello! Magazine that Meghan Markle wants to “re-group the family,” which could mean that royal fans will get to see a gathering this year.

The expert also said that Meghan will work on “actualizing her plans” this new year after having a hard year with money.

She wants to move with her family, too, just like Harry does. This could mean getting a new house in a different area. Franklin observed, “July is important for turning things around and checking off her wish list. She is also willing to take risks and make a promise to reach her goals.”

The expert went on to say, “The solar eclipse on October 2 is another game-changer, and Meghan will be working hard to make her plans come true as Mars crosses her ascendant in the middle of October.”

“But in December, Mars stations retrograde right on her Mercury, and things will move more slowly and slowly until the spring of 2025, when they speed up again. This is because of things she can’t change.”


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