Meghan Markle ‘humiliated’ over memoir draft

Meghan Markle 'humiliated' over memoir draft

There have been reports that Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is writing her own autobiography. She is said to be “humiliated” and red-faced after the publishers told her she had to turn in a draft before they would pay her.

This is what royal expert Neil Sean said after it was said that Meghan Markle was writing her own autobiography and would talk about her life in a “money-spinning tell-all book.”

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Some companies are interested in Meghan, Neil Sean said on his YouTube channel, because they think they could make money from her. But it’s all about how much money they would have to pay.

When they said they’d like to see at least three parts first to see how the story goes, the royal expert said, “Can you imagine the shame?”

“In the book business, this only means one thing. He said, “They want to see if you have a good story. The problem is that they can’t give anything to a publisher without the highest level of security, because it could get out and ruin the whole deal.”

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Royal expert Tom Bower had said earlier, “From what I know, she (Meghan) is writing her autobiography, and it will make a lot of money.”


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