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‘Mega Moon Rocket’ ready for crewed Artemis II launch

NASA's 'Mega Moon Rocket' aced first flight and is ready for crewed Artemis  II launch | TechCrunch
After numerous setbacks, NASA’s “Mega Moon Rocket” has now successfully completed its first test launch without a crew.

To determine whether the mission was successful despite any serious issues, the crew is still analyzing the vast amounts of data that were collected on the maiden flight.

NASA’s initial research, however, indicates that the Mega Moon Rocket and its Orion capsule are now prepared for the launch of Artemis II, which will take a crew to lunar orbit.

“All SLS systems operated superbly, according to the early post-flight data, and the designs are ready to support a crewed trip on Artemis II. The after-flight analysis team will carry out final reporting and continue evaluating data “a blog post mentioning NASA.

According to the organization, the Artemis Mission’s accomplishments “established the groundwork for the Artemis Generation and the future of spaceflight in deep space.”

The first woman and the first person of color will touch down on the Moon thanks to this mission from NASA.

The initial launch’s repeated delays caused some to wonder if the mission would even be able to launch. Contrary to popular opinion, the rocket managed to carry an unmanned Orion capsule on a 25-day journey with success.

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