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Mayor polls: Ghani says most PTI members opted not to vote JI

KARACHI: Sindh Minister for Labour and Information Saeed Ghani stated on Sunday that if the PTI and Jamaat Islami join forces, the PPP will lose nine members.

“We did not seek support from PTI; we are being accused of arresting PTI members in order to prevent them from voting,” PPP Karachi President Saeed Ghani stated in a press conference.

He stated that the vast majority of PTI members had already stated that they would not vote for Jamaat Islami. They also stated that the PPP’s mayor will be in a better position to address Karachi’s challenges, according to the People’s Party leader. “They said they won’t give up their shoulders to the JI,” Ghani explained.

“Jamaat Islami claimed that PPP has narrow constituencies. “Governments were always entrusted with carving out constituencies for local elections, but now the law has changed, and the election commission is responsible for constituency delimitation,” stated a province minister.

“If the JI gains a majority in the house, it should bring its mayor,” he remarked. “If they do not win the vote, they should accept the results with an open mind,” he continued.

In a television interview on Friday, Saeed Ghani welcomed anyone quitting the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to join the Peoples Party.

He stated that the PPP will welcome anyone who leave PTI due to disagreements with the party and its leadership’s goals.

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