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May 9: Another culprit involved in Jinnah House attack arrested

ISLAMABAD: A political party’s propaganda about the main suspect’ in the Jinnah House attack has been exposed.

According to information, security agencies uncovered propaganda about the main character’ involved in the attack, as the guy identified as security agency staff turned out to be a political party worker.

Imran Mehboob, the miscreant, works in a hotel in Lahore and is affiliated with a political party.

Imran was dispatched to Jinnah House by a specific method’ in order to blame the incident on the security organizations. Following the attack, propaganda was spread on social media claiming that he [Imran Mehboob] was an agency employee who ‘provoked’ peaceful protestors to attack Jinnah House.

Furthermore, a political party used inaccurate, unsubstantiated, and deceptive propaganda in a video posted on its official Twitter account, referring to Imran Mehboob as a servant of the agencies. Prominent media anchors have also highlighted the propaganda.

Imran Mehboob, the troublemaker, is currently in the hands of law enforcement.

Previously, investigators discovered another key culprit involved in the May 9 rioting.

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