Little election fizz in Bangladesh as prime minister set for another term

Little election fizz in Bangladesh as prime minister set for another term

Across Bangladesh, utility poles are covered with campaign flyers with pictures of candidates for the general election. Most of the candidates are from the ruling party, as the opposition plans to not vote, which means Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will likely get a fourth term.

After the main alternative party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), decided to boycott, rights groups say the country of 170 million people is on its way to almost one-party rule. This is despite the fact that Western countries, which buy a lot of clothes from Bangladesh, have called for free elections.

Red and blue paint on the walls of Dhaka, the city, told people to vote for “Once again, Sheikh Hasina” and “Vote for the boat,” which is the symbol of her Awami League party. Campaigning ends on Friday.

But since the result of the election is almost certain, some voters don’t see much reason to go.

“My whole family is a die-hard Awami League supporter,” said Shayed Uz Zaman, a school teacher. “They were going to use Sunday, which is election day, to go to their village in Kushtia, which is about 200 km (125 miles) from Dhaka.”

It’s not fun to vote this time, though. I’m sure she will stay in power.

In Bangladesh, where most people are Muslim, Sunday is usually a work day.

Also voting for the Awami League was Minoti Rosario, who runs a food store. She said she didn’t think her vote made much of a difference because the “ruling party is winning anyway.”


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