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Lisa Loring, the original Wednesday Addams, dies at age of 64

The original Wednesday Addams, Lisa Loring, passed away on Saturday at the age of 64 following a stroke.

After Jenna Ortega played the well-known Addams family member in the Netflix series, Wednesday gained a sizable fan base. But before she did, Loring, who starred in The Addams Family from 1964 to 1966, captured hearts as the young Wednesday Addams.

She passed away quietly, holding the hands of both of her daughters, Vanessa Foumberg, her daughter, told Variety.

Loring’s friend Laurie Jacobson posted on Facebook on her passing, saying that she “was in our hearts always as Wednesday Addams.”

The Munster’s’ Eddie Munster, an American actor named Butch Patrick, paid tribute to her on Facebook, writing, “Very sorry to learn of the demise of my beloved friend Lisa Loring. We frequently collaborated at work and were quite close. She was weak, as I am aware. Just a few weeks ago, I was with her. Good luck, my friend.

Following Netflix’s Wednesday series, where Ortega performs her own dance, Loring’s shimmying move, known as The Drew, recently received renewed attention. Similar to Ortega, Wednesday in Loring’s Wednesday was a melancholy young girl who liked weird creatures such as a lizard named Lucifer, a spider named Homer, and playing with a headless doll.

Loring was born to former Navy personnel in the Marshall Islands. Before moving to Los Angeles with her mother, she resided in Hawaii. The 64-year-old began her career as a model when she was just three years old. She later starred in an episode of the 1961 medical drama Dr. Kildare.

Following the success of The Addams Family, Loring joined Phyllis Diller’s sitcom The Pruitts of Southampton. She additionally made appearances in shows including Barnaby Jones, Fantasy Island, and The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. Then, from 1980 through 1983, Loring was cast in As the World Turns in the role of Cricket Montgomery. Additionally, she performed as an actor in the films Savage Harbor and Blood Frenzy, as well as creating the makeup for adult movies as “Maxine Factor.”

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