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Life sentence to senior citizen raping a mentally handicapped juvenile

Life sentence
Life sentence


A district and sessions court in Haripur on Monday sentenced a man to life in jail for seducing and raping a young person with mental disabilities. The defendant for sexually abusing the nine-year-old was also fined Rs0.2 million by Additional Sessions, Judge Islam Uddin.

The court decided that the defendant would receive an additional six months in prison if the fine wasn’t paid. The public and the victim’s parents have applauded the court decision.

The victim was taken to a nearby desolate area by the accused, Habib-ur-Rehman alias Waqar, a resident of Darband Khalabat, Haripur, and sexually abused there, according to the verdict. After committing the crime, he escaped.

The girl’s father later discovered her in a severe state and filed an FIR with the Khalabat police station. The medical report confirmed the rape, therefore the Khalabat police filed a case against the accused and detained him.

16 witnesses provided audio tapes of their testimony to the court over the course of two years of sessions. The additional session judge judged the defendant guilty of the offense and sentenced him to life in prison after hearing the arguments from both sides.

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