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LHC directs Imran Khan to join police investigation

Imran Khan was ordered by the Lahore High Court on Tuesday to participate in the police probe into cases against him.

As a larger bench led by Justice Ali Baqar Najafi resumed hearing on PTI leader’s petition challenging the registration of as many as 121 cases against him, PTI leader arrived at the court along with his attorney under strict security.

Other judges on the bench included Justices Aalia Neelum, Tariq Saleem Sheikh, Anwarul Haq Pannun, and Muhammad Amjad Rafiq.

Justice Najafi first explained to Barrister Salman Safdar, Imran Khan’s legal representative, that while the petition was well-written, the legal arguments were difficult to find because of the petitioner and his government’s specifics.

The attorney stated he would need 15 minutes to bring the entire case record before the bench when Justice Neelum inquired about if the petitioner was named in all of the FIRs. He claimed that police had filed politically motivated cases against the petitioner at the government’s request.

The lawyer claimed that the situation included a 71-year-old individual who cannot possibly come in court every other day to request bail.

If the attorney desired to have the cases dismissed, Justice Najafi instructed him to make legal arguments.

Up to 140 lawsuits have been filed against the former prime minister after the Wazirabad incident, according to Barrister Safdar.

He said that other cases had been dismissed by the courts, proving the bad faith of the government and police.

The attorney emphasized that only Imran Khan was granted a pre-arrest bail in the case that the police had filed against 2,500 people.

The attorney was informed by Justice Najafi that the issues he presented were intended to be resolved by trial courts. The judge questioned the attorney, “Why do you want to circumvent the legal process?”

The petitioner had 25 pre-arrest bails, the attorney responded to a court’s inquiry.

The counsel was asked by Justice Pannun to be specific about the type of relief he was seeking from the court.

The petitioner did not assist in the service of a court summons, according to Justice Neelum, and the police filed a different case. When security workers went to serve the summons at the petitioner’s Zaman Park home, did she ask the attorney if a police officer wasn’t hurt?

The attorney stated that he was unable to confirm it.

The petitioner should let the police finish their investigation, the judge said, adding that the alleged occurrence needs to be looked into.

As a former prime minister, the petitioner should have received the proper security, according to attorney Safdar.

The attorney acknowledged that no new FIR had been filed against the petitioner since the larger bench had taken up the case, in response to a comment made by Justice Najafi.

Exceptional alleviation

An assistant advocate general opposed the petition, alleging that the petitioner was requesting an exceptional remedy from the court by claiming to be a former premier and world champion in cricket.

How many times have there been 150 cases filed against an individual since Pakistan’s founding, Justice Pannun questioned the legal representative.

Nevertheless, the law enforcement official claimed that none of the cases against him had the petitioner participate in the investigation.

Pre-arrest bail was given with the promise of participating in a police investigation, Justice Neelum noted. She mentioned that the petitioner had earlier claimed that there had been a police operation over the Eid holidays, but nothing had occurred.

Imran Khan’s attorney gave the court the reassurance that the petitioner was prepared to participate in the probe into all cases.

Third attempt at assassination

PTI leader also spoke with the court’s approval and claimed that a third assassination plot was being planned against him. In Wazirabad and at the Islamabad Judicial Complex, where the intelligence apparatus had taken control of the building the night before the hearing, he claimed to have survived two attempts on his life.

Mr. Khan claimed that his life was in danger and that showing up in court frequently would increase this risk. He claimed they wanted to get rid of him without mentioning any names.

On May 8, Justice Najafi requested a report from the government and instructed the former prime minister to cooperate with the investigation. He also advised him to have faith in the court.

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